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Nick Fox

Nick started his career in Engineering by gaining a first degree in Electronics and Materials Engineering, then a Master’s degree in Information & Instrumentation Engineering. His career included working at Philips, Sira and Pera in a variety of industries in both technical and managerial roles developing new technology, instrumentation and machinery for a wide range of customers and applications.


In Nick 1996 founded the Image Scan Holdings group of companies to exploit the technology related to 2D and 3D x-ray inspection techniques for the industrial, security and EOD sectors. As CEO, and latterly, CTO, he help build the multi-million pound company. 

In 2012 Nick founded Axi-Tek Ltd  to provide Transfer Technology services to technology innovators. 

Nick has extensive experience of collaborative work with a variety of universities, government  and research organisations and is an Honorary Senior Research Associate at UCL, London. 

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