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Next generation x-ray technology set for production in the UK


Axi-Tek Ltd has agreed a license deal with Ploughshare Innovations for a novel x-ray technology developed by the Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).


Axi-Tek will use the technology to develop the next generation of safe and rapid backscatter x-ray inspection equipment. The backscatter technique allows operators to take images without having to have access to both sides of an object. The new technology improves the collimator mechanism used to control the x-ray beam. It is lighter and mechanically simpler than existing mechanisms and provides a more consistent beam.


The first application (CSI-100) will be for backscatter x-ray inspection of aircraft components, future products will cater for applications as wide-ranging as factory in-line and in-field industrial inspection, to security and bomb disposal.

James Horne, Ploughshare and Nick Fox, Axi-Tek Ltd sign a License Agreement for a collimator design developed by DSTL.

Axi-Tek’s CSI-100 will be the first x-ray system to use the new technology. It will be used to inspect aircraft parts. 

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